Updates from the Canyon!

I can’t believe that yesterday marked the 2 month date of me being here at the canyon! That means I only have 1 month left of living here! Crazy to think about! A lot has happened since I last wrote but many adventures have taken place.

I have no car now because my Acura decided to die last month on the way to climb the highest peak in Arizona which is called Mt. Humpreys.  That was a bummer but I’m getting along without the car just fine and get to drive my Moms when I go back to school which is a big blessing! I actually don’t mind taking the bus everywhere because you just meet so many cool people. Also, on the plus side, I don’t have to drive all the way home which means my Mom and I have more time in the Canyon when she comes to pick me up.

Last weekend a friend and I went to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  I have now decided that before I die, I want to explore all 59 national parks and realized that I have only been to 6 out of that so far. Seeing Bryce for the first time was really special because we got to see the canyon for the first time as the sun was coming up.  We also drove around to all the main points in the park before we headed to Zion to hike the narrows.  The narrows were beautiful and I recommend the trip to Zion to anyone who loves the outdoors! The last day of our trip we also hiked around a little in Zion national before we headed home for work.

Services here have been going great and its crazy to think that our last day of services is August 7th!!!! I love being able to study Gods word and sharing with everyone my thoughts.  I’m also learning how to lead worship by playing guitar which is going alright but I love learning how to play!

Today, there is a big barbecue for everyone that works in the park.  I’m excited for the fellowship and food that we will have in a few hours. I also have tomorrow and Monday off and a few of us are planing to hike one of the side canyon trails! I can’t wait!!

Miss and love you guys and hope everyone is having a awesome summer!!!


Running In The Canyon

As most of y’all know, I’m running a marathon on November 12th of this year.  Most days I think what the heck have I gotten my self into. Other days I just thank the Lord for even giving me the ability to run.  Isn’t it crazy that he gives us the ability to do all things?

Anyways, training here in the canyon has been quite the experience.  When I first got here a couple of weeks ago, I could barely run a mile because of the attitude change and last night I finished my first 7 mile run up here! I caught the bus that takes you out to Hermits Rest (one of my favorite spots in the canyon) and ran all the way back to where we put on our worship services.  Yes that was about 7 miles.  The rim trail is a beautiful place to run because you can see the canyon off to the side. It’s not all that crowded also.

Heres some tips for running in the canyon! Run either in the morning or at evening before sunset.  Never run in the heat of the day. It can get extremely hot here in the summer during the day and you don’t want to risk dehydration.  Also, remember to bring water and drink it!!!! Yesterday I forgot to grab mine (I’m hoping to get something that is going to be easier to cary it) and about mile 5 I wasn’t feeling to great.  I’m so thankful for the people that stopped me as I was taking a break because they basically forced me to drink the rest of their water.  I guess I wasn’t looking to hot.  Running in the canyon is super fun if you know where to go and when to run! I highly recommend it!

On a other note, I have one more day of work tomorrow and then I have 3 days off! Its crazy I know! but we work about 8 hours 4 or 5 days a week so I’m still getting a lot of hours here.  This weekend we have plans to go to the REI garage sale, (Go! they have one at every store this Saturday), climb some (my climbing shoes finally got here), make a trip up to horseshoe bend and hike GrandView. Hopefully sleep a lot to!

Anyways, the Lord is always good and I hope you all are well!!

– Maggie


Epic Adventures

I titled this blog post “Epic Adventures” because this past week many epic adventures occurred.

A few of my new friends and I had Sunday and Monday off so we decided to visit the beautiful Lake Powell which is located in Glen Canyon National Park. Lets be honest, the real reason why I wanted to visit was to add a bummer sticker to the back of my car. Haha I’m just joking. I love taking any opportunity I have to go explore part of the country that I haven’t already been yet. I had seen pictures of Lake Powell before and I really wanted to go. And yes of course, the bummer sticker was a nice addition to my collection. This summer I have decided to fill the back of my car with stickers from the places that I will travel. So far I have 3. Of course my 13.1 sticker from my half marathon that happened a couple months ago, a Grand Canyon sticker and now a Lake Powell sticker. I’m excited to see what else will be added by the end of the summer!

Anyways, back to Lake Powell. We left after Church on Sunday afternoon and drove through northern Arizona to reach the lake. The drive out there was absolutely beautiful. On either side of the road you could see desert that stretched out for miles with open blue skys. We also drove along the end of the Canyon which was so pretty. When we got there, we drove across the biggest Dam (Glen Canyon Dam) in Arizona on our way to the park. Once we entered the gate, the views were stunning. I wish we were able to get out on the lake that weekend but since it was such a short trip we just hung by the beach, watched the sunset, and camped. I was so happy I got to sleep outside so soon because sleeping under the starts is one of my favorite parts of backpacking.

I’m glad we took the short trip especially because I got to befriend two girls that are not part of my team. I think it’s really cool how fast you can make friends here. I guess it is easier for me because the people that live here love the outdoors like I do and won’t pass up a opportunity to explore Gods beautiful creation. Hopefully we will be able to go camping again and hang out throughout the summer.

I also stated my job as a cashier this week and I have really been enjoying it so far. I love everyone I work with and I like making small talk with everyone that goes through my line. I like the challenges that my job brings because it forces me to practice sustaining a positive attitude. Tomorrow is my first day with my own bank which is a little scary but I’m excited to not be in training anymore. This weekend a few of us from my team are also going backpacking down the canyon since most of us have Sunday and Monday off. haha since it’s Friday I keep thinking its the weekend but it doesn’t start until tomorrow for me. Tonight a few of us are going star gazing which is one of my favorite things to do especially after living in a city my whole life.

I wish all y’all the best and can’t wait to share the rest of my stories this summer!

The First Days In The Canyon

Hey everyone! As many of you know, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve with A Christian Ministry In The National Parks at the Grand Canyon this summer! While I am here I will be working as a cashier at one of the cafeterias at the park as well as leading the ministry teams that happen every night at sunset on the rim of the Canyon!

I have been here about a week now and WOW is all I can say.  I still can’t get over the LORDS beauty and how magnificence the work of his hands are.  Every time I gaze out into the canyon I see something new each time and hopefully the view won’t every get old.

The first couple days here have been pretty full of adventure and exploring new areas with all my new friends.  I got to go on a white water rafting trip on the Colorado river with my Dad this past Sunday which was super fun.  We got to be hellicoptered out which was a totally new experience for me.  I can tell you that hopefully I won’t be getting one one of those anytime soon. The views were great don’t get me wrong but helicopters just aren’t my thing.

After my Dad left, I checked in with my awesome roommate Joni, (she’s from California) into our super adorable cabin which happens to be only a few feet from where I will be working everyday.  Believe it or not, we were given a couple days off to explore the park before we had to be at work orientation!

I’ve already got to do a bit of exploring around the main areas of the park and even down in the canyon! My ACMNP teammates David and Lucas and I went on a 6 mile hike to a point down in the inner canyon and then back up making it 12 miles round trip.  The beatuy of the inner canyon is completely different from the views at the top which blows my mind of the uniqueness of Gods creation.  That afternoon I got to go replling which was my first time climbing outdoor rocks with some teammates and my friend Chandler from college  who works here in the park.  All I can say after that is I want more!!

Anyways, I meet most of the people I will be working with today and I’m super excited to get back into a rhythm and for the rest of the team to arrive at the beginning of this up coming week.  As always, I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store here at the canyon for me this summer.  Miss you all!